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Our world has changed and so has the way we drink and eat.  We have become  explorers of taste while making more conscious, healthy choices make us re-define the way we go about nuts.  Nowadays, we have more alternatives within the market to choose from and our cocktails should not be excluded.  

Coqui-nut, is an elegant, light, versatile, artisanal beverage that will leave you tempted for more.  We are living a new way for the things we are passionate about and so we cheers to new ways of adding "nutty" to our fun.  Feel the passion, taste the fun!

. . . simply pleasure without the guilt!




Our crafted coqui-nuT

Our “NUTTY” Mixer

Coqui-nut is a tree-nut milk blend and coconut cream with a cinnamon/raisins infusion for its finished touch.

One batch crafted at a time!