OUR roots

Coqui-nut, inspired by my Puerto Rican roots and ancestors.  Coqui-nut is light to the palette, and full in flavor to raise your cocktail mixing standards to another level.  It’s delicate.  It’s elegant. It’s tasty and nutty...for the health “Nut” and the not so "Nut". 

Coqui-nut, The “Nutty” Mixer, has been made with all people in mind but especially those whose dietary restrictions or preferences include a dairy-free, vegan, and nutty lifestyle.  We all know the benefits that tree-nuts provide to our health.  Today, it’s no secret more and more of us are drawn to choose alternatives that improve our health and why should our cocktails be excluded.  You will not be disappointed.  Ready to get "nutty"?

Try it today! 

Taste the passion, feel the fun. it's “Nutty” love! 


   CREATE.       TASTE.       INSPIRE.           /         CREATE.       TASTE.       INSPIRE.          /          CREATE.       TASTE.       INSPIRE.